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Designer // Developer // Student


Hi, I'm Daniel and I build nice websites.

Simply put, I love design. I have a passion for creating detailed websites that feel young, fresh, and inviting to users.

My journey started in Dallas, Texas, and these past years have been incredible. From performing slam poetry in front of hundreds, to studying as a college junior, my experiences have taught me to be open and adjustable to change and new perspectives. As I dove into freelance web development last year, I began to learn much more about good design practice. Gaining a personal understanding of clients taught me a ton about user experience as a whole, and I seek to apply this in each design I put in place.

A bit about myself; I am studying computer science and psychology at the University of Virginia. I find mental health fascinating, and enjoy playing basketball. Always down to collaborate if I have the time. Reach out to me if you need any work done!



Visual Design

A quality design conveys a quality brand. Because your website will be the first impression a visitor will have of you, the design of your site is crucial to letting clients and potential partners feel positive and optimistic when learning about you.

Many websites do a poor job of achieving good design due to misrepresentation of brand identity. Understanding the meaning and emotion behind your mission is vital to letting your visitors feel the same way as you do. Visual design communicates this in a variety of ways, and I am committed to getting to know you to help achieve this.

Front-End Developer

Studies show that most website visitors will leave your site after a minute, while some are gone in as little as 15 seconds. This means you only have a few precious moments to gain visitors’ undivided attention, pitch yourself, and stand out from opposing sites.

I am passionate about helping you arrive at a solution to this task, implementing my array of technical abilities to ensure that clear messages, proper usability, and call-to-actions are conveyed in the best manner possible. From the ground-up, I aim to develop a user experience that delivers high conversion rates, repeat visits, and a growing reputation.

Content Management

Once your site is up on the web, you will likely need to update content on the fly. Rather than sift through bunches of code, developing sites through Wordpress gives you freedom to update as you please.

Wordpress is a powerful content management system that powers nearly half of all websites worldwide. It comes with the benefit of being user friendly and easy to use, limiting your amount of work and making the overall process much smoother. Additionally, if you forget to include certain information or wish to add more pages to your site, I am available for site maintenance to ensure your website is consistently growing with your business.


Incoming Technical Analyst
Goldman Sachs | Summer 2017

Starting in May, I will be interning at Goldman Sachs for the summer of 2017. I will be working as an analyst in their Technology Division located in Jersey City, NJ.

UX Intern
D'Bonzon Consulting | Summer 2016

D'Bonzon Consulting is a UX consulting firm based in Dallas, TX. As an UX intern, I assessed over 20 different solutions to current UX problems over a broad range of industries. I also helped redesign the firm's website through competitive analysis and wireframe mockups.

Web Design Instructor
HackCville | Spring 2017 - Current

HackCville is the ultimate clubhouse for people to create, learn, and connect over creative and entrepreneurial passions. This club has been an awesome support for me in my personal growth, and has given me two incredible mentors who constantly push me to learn more.

B.A. Computer Science
University of Virginia | 2014 - 2018

I am currently in my 3rd year at the University of Virginia, majoring in computer science with a minor in psychology. After graduation, I hope to pursue a career in web development or community improvement in developing countries.


It's tough to keep up with the lastest design trends in this day in age. After fully diving into web development, I looked for ways to further hone my abilities to keep producing the best possible solutions for clients.

I have been able to get a pretty good grip for both the technical and design side of web development, but do look for ways to tackle problems from different angles. Feel free to reach out to me about any of the skills listed below!

  • JS JS
  • SS SS
  • WP WP


Head over to my Github to see my latest works and web designs!


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